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Terms and conditions for buyers and sellers:

  • All sale items are sold "as is, where is, and in their current condition"
  • Please call before the auction closes if you have questions about an item (512-217-1776).   If you bid on an item and win it, the item is yours when the auction closes
  • encourages all potential buyers to attend the auction preview, when available, for inspection of all items to be sold or call if you have questions
  • We attempt to handle working merchandise and items without issues or flaws but this is not always possible. We do try to make known any chiggers, possible flaws, damage or non-working status of items but may miss something on occasion. We do not guarantee items or provide warrantees
  • Credit Card payments will normally be processed within 24 hours of the auction closing or at the time of pick-up of items. To make alternate payment arrangements call          512-217-1776
  • The buyer is solely responsible for the pick-up, packing and loading of their purchases. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PACKING SUPPLIES AND ASSISTANCE FOR LOADING ITEMS
  • Please note that our scheduled pick-up times for items you win at auction are normally during the work week, AND WITHIN 1 to 2 days, from the auction close date. This is mainly due to the family's need to clear their properties quickly. It is imperative that you understand this and the need for you to be prepared to pick up your items on the scheduled date. The pick up date for each auction is noted in the sale information. Do NOT bid if you are unable to meet those dates or haven't arranged for exceptions prior to bidding. We will work with you, as much as we can, but the pick up times are almost always hard deadlines due to scheduling situations. Again, pick up days are noted in the sale information.
  • If your unable to pick up your auction items on the scheduled pick-up date, call           512-217-1776 PRIOR to auction closing to schedule a different date. We are clear at the onset of an auction as to the pick-up date and times. DO NOT BID ON ITEMS YOU CAN'T PICK UP. If something comes up on the pick up date, call us and we will let you know if there is another option but if we can't accommodate your inability to meet the pick up date and times, you will still be charged and there are no refunds on items not picked up. The items will be resold or handled as we determine appropriate
  • We DO NOT ship! The only exception is if you have made arrangements with us prior to the auction
  • Sellers, we will sell your items as soon as possible and once sold you will be paid within our contract and/or agreement within 15 working days. We will give you an idea as to auction schedules when we talk about selling your item(s). 
  • Sellers, it is up to you to make sure we know of any items that you would like to have a reserve amount set. The majority of our auctions do not have set reserves on items however we are happy to discuss and set appropriate reserves on items of your choice. There may be a cost associated with reserve items even if the reserve is not met.